Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grumble AD BOARDS-Summer promo special!


We have had many people contact us about advertising at Grumble, so we have installed ad boards on the sim.

Grumble Advertising Boards

Enhance your presence on the grid with one of Grumble's Advertising Boards.

A few good reasons to advertise your club/business/shop at Grumble:
-With traffic on our sims between 30k- 45k/day, your ad will be seen by thousands of avatars, interest will pick up and so will your sales!

-VIP group of over 27,000 members & subscriber of over 3,000.

-Stores that purchase ad boards will be listed on Grumble's blog as a Grumble Advertiser.  Our blog receives 1-3k hits/day.

For the small cost of 200L a week, you can rent one of our great ad boards.  Increase your popularity, traffic and sales rent one of our great Ad Boards today! Boards are located at the walkway between Sim 1 & Sim 2.  Just tp over, pay the board for how many weeks you'd like and it will walk you through set up.  Boards can give out note cards and landmarks & show if the renter is online.  We have board for rent in our EVIL BUNNY HUNT office for only $100/week to advertise groups and hunts.

Boards rent from 1-4 weeks-so come grab your ad board and customize your contents!

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