Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grumble's NEW Sim Layout

Yes we've LOST OUR  MINDS completely-we opened 7 stores instead of 1. So here is the line-up:

MAINSTORE-Women's Fashion

 Men's Fashion/Accessories
Womens Accessories-

Home Store-

Neko Store-

Pet Store- WE CARRY KITTIES, BUNNIES, HORSES, DOGS OF ALL TYPE, FAERIES, FISH (we also sell highly traited cats on marketplace)

And our seasonal department-Beach Store-

A few shots of the overall sim and landing area-

We usually have a model working at the landing that can assist you with finding items, hunt hint help, directions etc.  There is a directory board at the landing point that will give you landmarks to each shop.

PLEASE come pay us a visit, it's time to get your grumble on.

MIDNIGHT MANIA C-R-A-Z-Y! June 4th weekend

I'm just going to show you what is on the boards, now it's up to you to click the grumble logo at the bottom to pull up second life's destination guide to get you over to our sim.

If you haven't tried second life...what are you waiting for?  click here

Just a few things to tease you-you have until midnight each night to get enough slaps on the board to win the items-and the gift cards, worth over $2,000L.  Why are you still reading this, come on over!

This Weekend's $10L Outfits

Every Thursday night-Monday we offer our $10L outfits!  This weekend we have 2 women's and 1 men's full outfits.  Womens includes a full length formal green and gold gown with necklace layer, hair flower and gold stiletto shoes, and the second outfit is a clubbing outfit, short flirty denim skirt with pink dot corsage top, comes with bangles and shoes.

The Men's outfit this weekend is a fun pair of prim baggy shorts with brown tag tee and two-tone sneakers.

Welcome to the NEW Grumble Page

We will be updating this new page over the weekend to bring you new merchandise, hunts, hints, prizes and so much more.  Grumble, the home of affordable fashion in second life.