Grid-Wide Hunt Hints~April

GRUMBLE~April Hunt Hints

Happy Birthday Day Hunt
got tired from hunting and took a rest on a bench near HER

Jelly Bean Hunt-
This hunt has her dress all in a RUFFLE

Rock the Basket  Hunt-
Rocking out in the shade...or wearing shades!

Grab the eggs Hunt-5 eggs hidden
1-Up on the fire escape above the KASTLE
2-Teleport to your egg at the Grumble Plaza Rentals board
3-Found an egg under the monorail steps
4-Check the bouquet!
5-Mannequins all over the ground in Grumble Girl...

Easter Egg Hunt-
I am pretty sure i found an egg while shopping around the Grumble Plaza...something about bangles.

Spring Has Sprung 2
Boing! The gesture store might have a better spring sound-i'd check there...


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