Grid-Wide Hunt Hints~December

Funny Christmas Hunt Hint
Hint : What is with all the drama!

A Snowflakes Kiss Hunt
Hint: Now THAT is a big snowflake!

Feel My Sack Hunt Hint
Hint: Alright, it's time to STEP it up!

All I Want For Christmas
Hint: All I want for Christmas are some BOW HEELS!

Silver & Gold Hunt Hint
Hint: It's not silver or gold, but shiny black and it's GACHA!

Magic of a Snow Globe Hunt Hint
Hint: Everyone gets LUCKY during the holidays!

Scary Christmas Hunt Hint
Hint : Antlers everywhere!

You Better Not Pout Hunt Hint
Hint: I am hidden with ALL the gachas.

Candy Cane 6 Hunt Hint:
Hint: Look for the Grumble EYE CANDY!

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