Hooter Hunt 3 Hints-FOR CHARITY!


1. On the roof at the mad circus
2. Ohhh bunnies!
3. Just getting cash from the ATM
4. Behind the moon
5. It's sweatpants weather
6. Playing VIP games
7. Hanging with the hooters
8. Under the counter
9. Girls only
10. I mustache you a question
11. I'm so cachic!
12. Getting pearly
13. Peekaboo!
14. Oh lacey
15. Spray painting...
16. ZAP
17. Trick or Treat!
18. Spiked
19. Checking out the Mad Circus
20. Getting my hunt on!

Find 20 PINK OWLS hidden around the sim- $2L each-female fashions-all proceeds donated to the Susan G Komen for the Cure!


  1. no gift preview and locations are up top in the tab-BITE ME HUNT HINTS-or you can click the posters on sim for a NC of hints.