Get Wet Hunt 4 Hints

GET WET HUNT 4~ Find 20 hidden rafts around the sim! $1L each ~ female fashions/decor!

1. Ring it up
2. It's a little pastie
3. Shake it!
4. <3
5. In a clutch
6. Rafting in the UNDERWORLD
7. Collar it
8. Don't go changing...
9. Gotta wear your pearls
10. I heart rafts
11. Get social and stuff
12. Upcoming events
13. Checking for dust bunnies
14. Making the call
15. Using a raft, not a broom
16. Getting butterflies...
17. Changing pictures from the past
18. Going up
19. Hanging in the club
20. I've got wings


  1. no gift preview and locations are up top in the tab-BITE ME HUNT HINTS-or you can click the posters on sim for a NC of hints.