GET WET HUNT 2-Grumble Sim-wide hunt for August-$1L each! 1st-15th

Get Wet Hunt 2-Find 20 rafts hidden around the Grumble sim

1 I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream
2 Eating in the food court
3 Working the tracks
4 Down in the subway tunnels, waiting on the train
5 <3
6 Ring it up
7 Taking in the flowers
8 Lacey lingerie
9 Just surfing
10 Laying out in the sun
11 Checking out at Wire
12 I mustache you a question
13 Checkmate!
14 Men's roof
15 In the Evil Bunny Hunts office drinking coffee
16 She's Gacha!
17 Womens boxes stacked up
18 It's slinky
19 YAY! it's plates
20 Renting an ad board!

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