Get Spanked Hunt Hints

Find 20 hidden rulers around the sim.  Female Gifts- No Transfer - $1L.

All 20 items are located on the Grumble sim. This is not a grid-wide hunt. There are no gift previews and all items are valued from $50-$150L. Items are women's fashion, accessories, and home decor.

1. Behind the ladies
2. All about the corset
3. VIP gifts
4. On the shelf
5. Tie a bow around it
6. Checking out
7. Attitude!
8. All about the pearls
9. pawprints
10. Cog
11. Apply it
12. Heart the collar
13. So formal
14. Ring ring...hello?
15. Checking the ATM
16. Head to the Wet Lounge for a drink (tp sign at the landing point)
17. Checking the computer at store 2
18. Don't slouch
19. So sheer
20. Check the roof, there are a ton of gachas!


  1. Hi I have received quite a few complaints from various residents about the lack of photos for your hunts. I quote one: "I just had a bad experience with a hunt.. I won’t mention it by name. It used to be my favourite. They had hints, landmarks and a photo array for their new years celebration hunt. The same hunt blog has another hunt running right now. I contacted them and told them that it is whack to hunt for stuff without any pictures. They did not respond… Very unfortunate, considering how much effort goes into organising a hunt. I would like to ask you, if you can talk to the hunt managers about this. It is not your “job”, I know. However, a small resident like me does’t even seem to be worth the mail reply. Maybe you can focus their attention on this issue. Hopefully, the hunts will return to their former glory some day. I am bored out of my mind without the monthly walk-abouts lol." She sent me this link here and asked me to tell you about this. You can read the full post here

    1. All Evil Bunny Hunts have photos-if you would click the link for the flickr group, you'll see the designers have posted pictures of their hunt gifts...I know it takes some effort but you can do it :)

    2. Also, we do not do a new years celebration hunt and no one contacted me via NC as i return all NC messages. We have also never had LMS or photos for our sim-wide hunts for over 3 years.