GET LEI'D HUNT 2-Grumble Sim-wide hunt for July-$1L each!

Find 20 flowers hidden around the Grumble sim.

1~Hanging at the plaza, near a booth!
2~ Working the corner, in the plaza
3~Caution! Caution!
4~Get nailed @ Wire
5~ Stuck in the spider's web
6~Get lucky
7~Sitting on a bench underground
8~Stored on a shelf in a subway warehouse
9~Smiley face
10~Listening to the piano in the boutique
11~Rezzing cakes
12~Yum! Chocolate fountains
13~Past Hunts
14~Loves to surf
15~2 pieces!
16~He's gacha
17~Fat pack jeans
18~Can you find what fountain I'm on>
19~Buying gift cards
20~Sassy socks!

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