HOOTER HUNT 2-Charity hunt for the Susan G Komen for the Cure Fund

Find 20 owls around the sim-M/F/Unisex prizes-$2L -for a good cause! Proceeds will be donated

1. Hoot from behind the big pumpkins
2. Working at the desk
3. Owl getting lucky
4. I see you
5. Top of the steps
6. Checking out the events
7. Playing Gacha!
8. Buying an ad board
9. Checking out the hotties
10. Playing with the love tester
11. Joining the social club
12. Tending bar
13. Applying to host
14. Teleporting to the mall
15. Shopping in Yay and Stuff
16. Watching the pretty fountain
17. This GACHA is huge
18. On the fishing dock
19. Hiding behind a tree at the nude beach
20. Diving board!

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