Suck It Hunt 3 Hints

 SUCK IT HUNT 3 ~ Find 20 hidden popsicles around the sim! $1L each ~ female fashions/decor!

1 The raccoon likes popsicles!
2 Spray it
3 10L gifts
4 Over the moon
5 Bare it
6 Get some head
7 Dress to impress
8 I mustache you for that popsicle
9 That really does not apply
10 Getting ziggy with it
11 Hanging around the hoochies
12 Do you blog?
13 Zip it
14 Who wears the apron?
15 The bunny got beached
16 Have you checked out the VIP lounge?
17 Upcoming hunts
18 Going up
19 So tribal
20 I just want to bitch


  1. no gift preview and locations are up top in the tab-BITE ME HUNT HINTS-or you can click the posters on sim for a NC of hints.