EAT ME Hunt 3 Hints

EAT ME HUNT 3 Sim-wide hunt!

Find 20 candy heart boxes- $1L each-female fashions-no transfer

1 Subscribe to TODA
2 Keeping your ears warm
3 Zig and zag
4 Tiki Time!
5 Of CORSET i do!
6 In the trenches
7 Girls only
8 Getting sneaky
9 Going barefoot
10 Getting tanked
11 Ohhh lacey!
12 Charmed
13 Finding out about events
14 Twigs
15 Flying brooms
16 Cashmere
17 I am getting lucky
18 Have you checked out the wet lounge on the top of the VIP lounge? If you want to find me, i would
19 VIP
20 Subscribe to Evil Bunny Productions


  1. no gift preview and locations are up top in the tab-BITE ME HUNT HINTS-or you can click the posters on sim for a NC of hints.